Sweet Summer Peonies and Garden Roses at The Swan's House Tarrytown

Sweet Summer Peonies and Garden Roses at The Swan's House Tarrytown

I'm excited to share the images captured by Kim Patota (Photography by KP) during our Flower Shower installation at The Swan's House

Floral Installation at The Swan's House Tarrytown

I thought I'd also share the mock-up I made so you can see how it translated into real flowers.

Business Window Floral Installation

And here is the whole design:

Business Window Floral Design
This was the launch of our new branding in partnership with The Swan's house. We were hoping to reach a new audience and grow brand awareness with the installation, and everything was planned and executed by us together with Danielle Patota at Main Street Media
yellow and pink floral installation
The design was filled with stunning locally-grown peonies, garden roses, and foxglove, together with yellow lilies, mums, and goldenrod to get that lemony look that was really important. Everyone who walked by was thrilled with the sight and the smell (it smelled amazing even inside the shop!). We met a ton of folks new to our brand, and had a lot of fun chatting with them. The Swan's House also reported higher sales for the day, so it was a successful partnership all around. 
Please reach out if you'd like a flower shower for your business, I'd love to help translate the story of your brand into an arrangement or installation.

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