Welcome to Lemon Terrace Florals, where our flowers are artfully arranged, as sustainable as we can make them, and guaranteed fresh.

"Without a doubt the most beautiful arrangement I have gotten in years! The choice of color and flowers was so delicate and are still going strong a week later. They are bringing me daily joy. Thanks so much." - Rebecca A., Yelp

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Corporate Events: Impact + Engagement

It can be difficult to make meaninful connections these days with so much competing for our attention - but it doesn't have to be. We love working with corporate partners to create fun and engaging floral experiences for your audience, whether that is your clients or your staff. Flowers and plants not only make people immediately happier, but have long-lasting positive effects on mood and stress levels. Reach out today to discuss setting up a floral installation, bouquet bar, or workshop erin@lemonterraceflorals.com and let's start planning!